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Owner Services

All service packages incorporate our company’s win-win philosophy for retaining residents and assisting investor owners to grow their business.

Protection Plan – Monitoring and maintenance service offered on a month-to-month basis for vacant properties. Includes weekly inspections and remote break-in alarm service. Designed for bank owned properties, seasonal owners/tenants, buildings awaiting development or other vacant properties. The custom solution selected by the owner determines which low monthly dollar amount is charged.

Starter Plan – Owner/tenants pay all bills, property is transitioned to the company with residents in good standing. Residents moving or requiring eviction automatically triggers an upgrade to next tier of service. Designed for budget conscious owners and those wanting to retain some of the responsibility of the property. Individual condo units.

Complete Care – Full service package. Company can pay all bills for the property, management of service contracts, preventative maintenance plan, leasing and turn-over services (fee), evictions (fee). All Housing Choice Voucher Program units (Sec 8).

Premiere Plan – Complete Care package plus additional services as needed (grounds, cleaning, etc). Support to study, propose, and manage progressive investments and upgrades to property. Property portfolio consulting. Complimentary one year investor membership in Real Estate Investors Society.

A la carte services - Certain services offered by the company require separate and one time fees: applying for and obtaining permits and licenses, filling vacancies, evicting tenants, renewing leases, project management of significant improvements, etc.